The Core

Mars' core froze and Earth is next!

How will it happen?

before the cool down

Earth's layers

In the core of the earth there is liquid magma. Deeper down the magma turns into liquid magma mixed with metal, made up of iron and nickel.

Life without magma

Without magma we wouldn't have land to walk on. Magma constantly replenishes the earth’s land. The magma comes from the earth’s core and adds rock and soil to the earth. Every piece of stone or every mountain you see was once magma.

cool down

The earth is slowly cooling and the core will no longer be liquid, but solid. This will cool the earth to extreme conditions.

after cool down

toxic rain

After the cool down the core is now solid and land will not regenerate because the magma is frozen solid. This will lead to rain and wind to start to erode the earth's land very slowly.

after land

The rain will eventually lead to no more land for us to stand on, so we would be stranded with nothing but water left on the earth.

the magnetic field

Now that the Core of the earth is frozen this means the liquid metal is frozen too. This leads to the magnetic field of the earth to decrease. Now that the magnetic field is gone we have no protection from outside space radiation.

worse then radiation

More then radiation, the atmosphere will begin to vanish. Very slowly, molecule by molecule the air we breathe will disappear

A second mars

Mars could have been like earth before

There are signs of water on the planet and there could have been life before but it is unknown if life could survive now. Earth could turn into a planet just like Mars.