Chester Elementary School

October 3, 2018

Sixth Graders Experience Outdoor FRED by Terry (6th grader)

CES 6th graders enjoyed 4 days and 3 nights at Outdoor Feather River Education (Fred) on September 4 to 7. We ate and slept at the U.C. Berkley Forestry Camp in Meadow Valley, located near Bucks Lake. The first day was our orientation, where we visited the cafeteria and dorm rooms,then went on hikes. On the second day we hiked to a meadow and did some soil and water samples. The water from the river was the cleanest. In the evening we had a campfire and made up skits and practiced (ex Dumb Ways to Die in the Woods!). On the third day we did a forest hike and checked the age on trees, identified foot tracks and flowers and played game to identify animals. On the fourth day several of us accepted the "Polar Bear Plunge Challenge." Several students participated in an early cool morning (44*f) swim in the chilly river (46*f). Our brave teachers, Ms. Klimek and Mr. Wade also participated! We finished the day with a hike to Spanish Peak. Overall, this was a great experience and we learned a lot about nature and the Feather River water shed. We would like to thank Ms. Klimek, Mr. Wade and Plumas County School District for providing this incredible adventure for all of the 6th grade classes.

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Important dates:

Oct 1-5 - CES PTA Book Fair in Room 18

Oct 8-12 - Parent-Teacher Conferences - we're striving for 100%! (1st-6th students released at 1:00 each day, K released at normal times - 12:30)

Oct 26 - Picture retakes

Oct 28 - National Chocolate Day!

Nov 2 - Professional Learning Day - all staff (no school for students)

Almond Free Zone at CES

Please be advised we have a 4th grade student with severe almond allergies (4th-6th grades are in the cafeteria at about the same time). We have designated a table in the cafeteria as an "almond free zone." If your child brings almonds or any almond products to school we will need to make sure he/she does not sit at our "almond free" table. We appreciate your support and cooperation.