Ylime & Dorraj

The Adventures of

Dearest Ylime

I have not made contact in quite sometime, my apologies for that however life is tough in the labor camp here in Boortopia. I am therefore reaching out to plan an upcoming adventure that I hope you would choose to accompany me on.

Step 1

I have organised/stolen the following Jet contained on the picture below. It is awaiting departure from Bendigo Airport. We will need to leave at approx 7.32am, no later and by no means earlier. The reason for this is related to the theft.. I cannot go into it
Big image

Step 2

Once landed, we will be making our way to the following Hilton Hotel. I hear these are quite popular and may be somewhat flashy. Don't stress about it though, we will need to sneak through the fire escape and find a spare room on one of the floors with a city view. I have attached a picture of what I believe to be a room at the Hilton.

Big image

Step 3

Saturday, Dec. 28th 2013 at 10am

Brunton Avenue

East Melbourne, VIC

We have booked into some strange event at The Ground of Cricket in Melbourne. Its sure to be a hell of event, apparently it goes for 5 days and even then there can still be a draw. You can read more about crickets here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cricket_(insect)

Step 4

After seeing lots of Crickets, we will be quite hungry and thirsty so I am suggesting we visit a local ale house for a drink. I have heard of this rooftop bar and am suggesting a pink helicopter entry. See the picture below. If the helicopter works then we might zipline from another building. This will also be the way in which I escape from Boortopia, so I'm well practiced.

Big image

Step 5

Dinner will be at a gourmet popcorn bar. I've heard that people fly from all over the world to trial it. I will even shout you :)

Big image

Step 6

At this point we will retire to the Hotel as mentioned above. I have heard that if you havnt been unable to sneak into a room on first trial then you should certainly trial it a second time. If not a third. I am hopeful that we will have a room, if not the stairwell sorted for the night. See the video below for a look at what we might be lucky to stay in.

Hilton Melbourne South Wharf

Step 7

We shall embark for Breakfast in one of the nearby locations. Although I'm a classy man I'm not really up with the breakfast choices of gorgeous people like yourself, so I'm likely to suggest we have a bag of skittles and lemonade. I have attached a picture of these for your perusal. You can choose whatever color you might like.

Big image

Step 8

Once we have had our food, we will then head to a rock climbing adventure in the centre of Melbourne. We are doing the budget experience, which entails no safety equipment and minimal instruction. I would not worry about this at all. During my time in the labor camp I had to scale many a wall. Also if injury does result, I am well versed in the Active First Aid book and would be sure to be able to recite any treatment for someone else to follow.

Big image

Step 9

After climbing rocks, we will be heading to the sand to wander around " The St Kilda". We perhaps might take a Tram to said location. Not sure what a Tram is to be honest, but It does rhyme with clam and pram. When we get to "The St Kilda" we shall walk around, conduct a beach sprint fitness test and then eat some chips and fish.

Big image

Step 10

We shall return to the Hilton Hotel in South Wharf, at this stage we may need some disguises so that we can sneak back in. I have attached my ideal disguise in the following picture below.

Big image

Step 11

We shall retire to the room once sneaking past security. At this stage we will order some room service with a stolen credit card (shhh) This may in fact be the most delicious meal we have ever eaten, so please don't eat it. We will just take some pictures of it and share it to instagram. Please see the picture below for how I intend to do that

Big image

Step 12

After eating or photographing the meal, we will watch a movie on the iPad. I have attached a video trailer of movie I wish to treat you with. It looks quite good.

We're the Millers - Official Trailer [HD]


After a nights sleep in either the stairwell or other hidden hilton cove of luxury, we will commence our return to Bendigo. Its likely at this stage we will need to hitchhike. I suggest that you learn how to make the following action with your hand contained in the picture below.
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