Jordyn T

Fun, Athletic, Cool

About Myself

I am a 7th grader at a Junior high in Northeast Nebraska. I am on the Principals's List and have all A's. I am not like most people because I actually really want to go to school and learn. Some of my favorite things to do is to play sports. Being active, competitive, and with friends makes sports fun. My favorite sports are basketball, volleyball, soccer, and track. When I have free time I love to hang out with friends. We go to movies, the mall, or just to the park. In my family, I have my parents, 2 sisters, and of course me. Since I am a middle child I guess I get a little more spoiled than my other sisters, but who said that was a bad thing. I also like to dance and to listen to music. I can do the worm, hammer time, and other funky dances. My style of music is quite unique. When I get older I really want to go into the medical field. My occupation is undecided, but as long as I am helping people and having fun I don't care what I do.