Levi's Ladybugs Second Grade Trip

Roper Mountain Field Trip

March 2nd

Buses will leave the school at 8:30 am on March 2nd and will return around 2:00 pm. The buses will leave promptly at the scheduled time.

Cost of Roper Mountain Field Trip is $12.00 for students

Students will need a bag lunch

2 Chaperones are Needed


South Carolina Science Standards Addressed

  • 2. E.2A. Weather is the combination of sunlight, wind, precipitation (rain, sleet, snow, and hail), and temperature in a particular region at a particular time. Scientists measure and record these conditions to describe the weather and to identify patterns over time. Weather scientists (meteorologists) forecast severe weather so that communities can prepare for and respond to these events.

  • 2. L.5B.1 Obtain and communicate information to describe and compare how animals interact with other animals and plants in the environment.

  • 2. E.2A.1 Analyze and interpret data from observations and measurements to describe local weather conditions (including temperature, wind, and forms of precipitation).

  • 2. E.2A.2 Analyze local weather data to predict daily and seasonal patterns over time.

  • 2. E.2A.3 Develop and use models to describe and compare the effects of wind (moving air) on objects.