Vietnam War

And global impact

Impacts of the war while it was taking place

In 1965-1973, there were a total of 8 million tons worth of bombs that the U.S. air force dropped. Destroying many buildings, job sites, crop fields, etc. in Vietnam. The U.S. used over 20 million gallons of herbicides to reduce the brush in the jungle to make sure there were no Vietnam soldiers hiding in the brush of the jungle.

Impacts of the war after it took place

Lasting for over 20 years, the Vietnam war claimed over 2 million lives total. Most of them were civilians. 3 million people were wounded, leaving hundreds of thousands of orphans. As you can imagine, almost all of the soldiers went home with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, leaving them with bad psychological effects from the war. The herbicides used to reduce the amount of jungle brush also took a huge part in the children of future generations being born with different birth defects.

Impacts of the war before it took place

The civil rights movement was going on in America before the war took place, people wanted the rights they deserved. So you could say that America was very chaotic during this time frame. In Vietnam, the French were controlling them, but they did not really care.