Battle of Quebec


The battle of Quebec was a great win four the British and because of the generals the conflict of Quebec begone and because of the battle of Quebec the Americans suffered a great Loss and because of the generals advantages the british won the battle of Quebec and I hope you will learn a lot about the battle of Quebec


Bena dicornald. Did lots of things and more in his life like bena dicornald was a major American jenarel he was born on January 14,1741 he died on June 14,1801 age -60 he died in Lennon he was one of the sons of liberty in 1757 he joined the sons of liberty after the sugar act and stamp act Arnold worked for british after meating Peggy and Andrew Arnold's mother was Hannah waterman king she was a Welty wido before Her marriage to an elder Arnolds father terned to the local taverns for solace Arnold attended school at Canterbury bena dicornald did all those things and tht is what his family was like and all of that