April News

Kindergarten - Mrs. Chua


We will begin Unit 7 the week of April 7. Our new high frequency words will be 'by', 'they' and 'to'. They are on the white cards. Children should be reading all of the words at home to keep ahead of the spring push to get things done. Unit 7 books will focus on actions and words. We will be going over rules, laws and working together to get things done.
In math, we will focus on the adding and subtracting process and use function machines/charts to help internalize the process. Keep up with the rote counting to 100. We have been working hard to count to 100 by 5's. Here is a favorite song of ours.

Dates to Remember/ Weekly Themes

April 18 11:00 Release No lunch served.
May 13 Kindergarten Spring Concert 6:30pm

April 7-11 Pets
April 14-18 Pets/Easter
April 21-25 Ocean
April 28-May 2 Ocean