Plate Tectonics

By Lexi M.

Plate tectonics

Plate tectonics are things that are in the crust on the earth.They move continents and form land masses such as Volcanoes,Mountains,River faults,Earthquakes,And hills.

Theory behind Continental drift.

Alfred Wegener was the man who came up with this theory,He first thought of the theory when he was looking at the map and noticed that South America and Africa looked like 2 puzzle pieces that would go together.Then he realized that all of the continents looked like on big puzzle and decided the theory of one big super continent called Pangea

The Results of Movement.

Divergent=River faults and Volcanic Islands

Convergent=Mountains and Hills

Transform=Earthquakes and river movement

The Conclusion.

So the plate boundary movements are all very important.They form now land and also cause some new land masses to form.So plate tectonics and boundary movement are really connected.