Mrs. Arndt's Classroom News

Friday, March 7, 2014

Quick Updates

  • Wednesday your child brought home information about another internet based program called Moby Max. The students have been using it in school. They can go on at home for further practice in math facts, math concepts, reading, vocabulary and language arts.
  • Remember is another great resource to practice spelling words. Once you are on the website, click find a list. I usually type the zipcode 54313, then click on Suamico Elementary, and second grade. There are activities for each week's spelling list.
  • Friday, March 14th is our Blue Ribbon Celebration assembly. Have your child wear Panther clothing.
  • Please send snow pants, boots, hats and mittens everyday. It is also a good idea to have in their backpack an extra pair of dry socks and mittens. Make sure all winter apparel are labeled.
  • If you need to send in cough drops, please fill out the form that is linked below and send it to school. I will then keep the cough drops on my desk and dispense as needed.


We have been reading informational text each morning. The students so far have read a supply list, classified advertisement, newspaper article and store advertisement. We will continue practicing reading these types of information for the next couple of weeks.

In guided reading, most groups have been reading passages. We are focussing on looking back in the text for the answer. "Good readers look back." We will also be practicing stating the main idea of paragraphs within the text.


The second graders are currently writing a letter to a leprechaun to persuade him/her to change its color, give his gold up, move to an apartment, or to stop playing tricks.

Today the students also began researching a state online. Once they are done researching, the students will be creating a digital brochure on the state using this website, smore.


Yesterday we began a new unit that will consist of telling time and graphing. Quiz your child when at home randomly about the time. Try to incorporate the other ways such as, quarter to, quarter past, half past... These concepts are a littler bit tougher.

Social Studies/Science

Last week we began learning about sound energy. The students have enjoyed participating in some experiments so far with rulers, cups and string, and nails. They need to know that pitch is high or low, volume is loud or soft, vibrations cause sound, sound travels in waves, and how pitch can be changed.