↔A sport, it form a of life.

↔ What it is?

It is a team sport that can develop so much in track covered like in tart, in that two sets of five players each one, try to annotate points, also called baskets or double and / or triple introducing a ball in a hoop.

↔ The field

*A track of basketball has to be a hard, flat, rectangular and free surface of obstacles, with 15 m of width and 28 m of length.
*The perimeter of the track must be free from obstacles to two meters of distance.
*The height of the first obstacle that one finds vertically on the track must be as minimum to 7 m of height.

↔ The ball

*The ball of basketball must be spherical, of synthetic material.
*Traditionally iT is of orange color, with black lines, but there are many variants.

↔ The Basket

*The board of the basket, it is a rectangle of 1.05 x 1.80 m, of at least 30 mm of thickness and with the low quilted edges.
*The hoop of the basket must have a diameter of 45,7 cm, the interior rectangle is in use for calculating the shot, and that on having shocked with himthe ball gets in the basket. The hoop is placed to a height of 3,05 m and is provided with a few approved networks.

↔ How is this game practised?

*Duration of a game: 12 minutes every part.
*Players: 12 at the maximum, 5 play.
*Beginning of the game: There must place a player of every team inside the central circle.
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↔ Famous.

Michael Jordan.

Larry Bird.

Magic Johnson.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Kobe Bryant.

Isiah Thomas.

Wilt Chamberlain.

Bill Russell.

Julius Erving.

Jerry West.

↔ Competitions

There are National competitions, Competitions in Europe and America, there are leagues, tilt of university basketball, etc.

↔ The End

In our opinion it is a very nice and entertaining sport. It is very healthy. We have liked to do the work because it is one of my favorite sports.

In our village, This sport is not practised