Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

By Anthony Horowitz

Book Reviewed by Baden Lee

.I've so much effort into this Review. I hope you enjoy the review and check the book out for yourself, it is a great book and will set you off into your own imaginary world

Book Review

By Baden Lee

About The Book

What would it feel like being a 14-year and waking up on a routine day to find out your uncle is dead? The next day, your in a secret organisation, on a mission trying to stop the most dangerous threat to the entire world. "Alex Rider:operation Stormbreaker", by Anthony Horowitz, This book is full of suspenseful and eerie situations and Dramas.

The routine normal morning for Alex rider's new journey is unfortunately the last normal day that he will ever have. As he finds out his uncle and only family member's death, Alex Rider is furious, yet devious to find out who killed his uncle. He soon comes to find a bit of evidence, he comes across M16 where without any say so, he is already on the way to the facility where the so-called "educational laptops" are being made. a lot of crucial errors are made and death defying situation are over come.

Will Alex be another agent to end up like his uncle? or will Alex Rider be the ghost that saved the entire world?

My personal opinion:

my opinion of the book is that of many things, I favor the book a lot. Alex rider gave so many jaw dropping moments and a thrilling imagination. There were a lot of fantastic parts in this piece, but my most favorite one was the moment when Alex Rider was stuck in a gigantic jellyfish tank due to Nadia Vole trapping him. Fortunately and faithfully, he broke free, using his gadgets. I wont spoil that intense part of the book, but just know, Alex is saved and Nadia is in a better place (because of that Jellyfish). Other parts of the book just didn't live up to the hype as what the whole book is about, for instance, how fast everything is done. It just makes it as if any situation is rushed without slowing down. But besides y likes and dislikes, there is something I would like to change, the start of the book. I would rather Alex Rider's uncle still be alive and introduce Alex to all this M16 stuff, then have Alex and his uncle go on a 2 man journey through life treating missions and overcome them.

My Recommendations:

I recommend this to anyone who loves the suspense and who is will to turn that next page to see what happens next. I also recommend this for teens+. Trust me I hate reading, I find this book, the only book enjoyable to read without dosing off. "Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker" is really a masterpiece.


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