Martin Luther King Jr's death

how, when, where, why, and how

his first atemmted of death

Did you know that when Martin Luther king was killed it was not the first time someone was trying to be kill him and that he tried to commet suiside at the age of 12 years old? Well, im here to tell you that all this it true, he is a man who fought for all people to have equall rights. The first person that tried to kill him was a mentally ill black woman she thought that he was fighting for white people and stabbed him with a letter opener, almost to death but not quite.

how he died

the day he was shot he was out smocking on his balconey at his 2 story motel. A man across the street had a 12 gage shotgun, he should have lined him up and said ready aim fire. he was shot in the head on April 4, 1968 only because people did not like the way that he stood up for black people. To me he did what was right, if he would not have fought for black people I would not have most of my friends that I do today, I am very thankful for that and for martin Luther king

some pictures of his funrul

frequently asked questins by kids

how did he die? he was shot.

where did he die? his second story motel room.

when did he die? April 4,1968

why was he shot? people did not like the things that he fought for, like the people that he fought for as in black people.

who killed him? James Earl Ray killed martin luther King

modern day connection

in todays world this man reminds me of Tyler Okley, he reminds me of him because Tyler fights for transgender people and Martin fights for black people. Some states are trying to seprate transgender bathrooms from non-trans bathrooms. This is very similar because the white people tried to make the black people from white people today. personly I think that this is very very stupid.

5 fun facts

  • his name was origanly Michel not martin
  • at the age of 12 he tried to kill himself
  • he was not the only to die at the motel that night
  • he was a smoker
  • he skipped 2 grades in high school


This man is the most amazing person in the world. He changed our world for the better I think that he is the greatest thing to happen to the world. Without him we would not be the world that we are today. If it weren't for him I can personally say that I would not have most of my friends that I had today. I love this man, Martin Luther King Jr. , he changed our world. this man helped me teach the little kids tat I help at my curch. he has impacted te world today by helping make all of us who we are today.