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FALL 2016 Training Opportunities

ESL Academy Suite, October 4th, 11th, and 18th

Language Acquisition Theory, Stages of Language Development and Cultural Factors (Session 243421)- October 4th, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m. @ Region 9

Best Practices for ELL Instruction (Session 243424)- October 11th, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m. @ Region 9

Bilingual & ESL Law (Session 242426)- October 18th, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m. @ Region 9

Please note that these sessions are offered as suite for those that would like to become ESL certified, but each session is a stand alone training and can be taken as such.

For more information, please contact Rickey Santellana at or 940-322-6928.

Talk, Read, Talk, Write, October 25th (Session 228411)

Participants will learn how to transform classrooms into language-rick, interactive environments while building language practice opportunities into lesson plans for diverse learners.

Please note: There is a book fee of $25 per participant.

ELLs in Texas: What Teachers Need to Know, October 26th (Session 228453)

Discover a heart for working with ELLs:

*Advocate for the local program(s)

*Overcome barriers to parent participation

*Create an accessible, interactive classroom

*Prioritize language development

Please note: There is a book fee of $25 per participant.

Best Practices with ELLs, November 1st (Session 253246)

Participants will learn how to make linguistic accommodations according to language proficiency levels of ELLs. We will explore instructional strategies and discuss how to increase language skills across all core areas.

Cultural Awareness in the Classroom, November 14th (Session 253290)

Come learn how to make your diverse students feel welcome and safe in your classroom. What does it mean to be culturally aware? What does and inclusive classroom look like? How do students feel when diversity is valued? Learn the answers to these questions and more!

Classroom instruction That Works for ELLs, December 1st (Session 253250)

We will collaborate and participate using the book "Classroom Instruction that works with English Language Learners." As we see more and more English Language Learner being identified in our classrooms, we need more understanding of how to develop their English language skills. In navigating through the literature we will cover how to use ques, develop higher level questioning, how to utilize advanced organizers, and how to identify similarities and differences among learners. This book will also guide you in appropriate cooperative grouping and setting objectives for different stages of Second Language Acquisition. Participants will be able to keep the book as a resource in their classroom.
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Texas Gateway ELL Courses Available

  • ELPS Academy
  • ELPS for Administrators
  • Implementing the ELPS in English Language Arts and Reading
  • Implementing the ELPS in Mathematics
  • Implementing the ELPS in Science
  • Implementing the ELPS in Social Studies
  • Private Non-Profit, Title III Part A services for PNP Schools


  • ELPS Instructional Tool

Upcoming Community Opportunities

Family Literacy Event

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Best Practices for Reaching English Language Learners Tip

Access Key to BE/ESL/Migrant Livebinder: ESC92015

R9 BE/ESL/Migrant Team

We are here to serve! Please contact us if you have questions or need guidance in serving your English Language Learners and Migrant students.
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