Of Mice and Men

Lennie Small


One of the main characters in Of Mice and Men is Lennie Small. In the story he is one of the strongest men and he doesn't necessarily know his own strength. The fiction makes a clear point that Lennie means no harm what so ever and is an animal lover. Even though he means no harm, his actions lead to disaster. For Lennie, animals make him feel safe and they comfort him. Another clear statement the book makes is that Lennie is mentally disabled and acts like a child in a mans body most of the time. Because of his lack of smartness, Lennie depends completely on George, his true companion, for all his needs and for his protection. Lennie and George were practically like brothers and shared a dream of moving onto a farm together and "living off the land".


One of the themes in Of Mice and Men is the beauty of a dream, because it gives people a purpose to live. It gives hope, faith, and something to look forward to, and that is clear in Of Mice and Men for Lennie. Not only does it give him something to look forward to, it gives him something to put his mind on and behave for, keeping him out of unneeded trouble.