English Project

My week

What did I do last week?

On Sunday, I read a tale on the Internet, called "The fortune-teller", by Machado de Assis. In the evening, I studied Maths and Portuguese. After this, I watched TV. It was a tiring day, but it was productive too, because I learned new things about Portuguese and I think I improved my text interpretation.

On Monday, after lunch, I studied Portuguese for a test the next day. Then I went to Cultura Inglesa. In the evening, I jogged around the condominium. At eight o'clock, I always watch some programs on TV. This day was ... ok.

On Tuesday, at two o'clock, I watched a film about the drugs and the economic situation of the U.S. in the 80s. After that, I played computer games and I studied Maths. This day was better than the day before; it was very quiet.

On Wednesday, at two o'clock, I played computer games. Then, I studied Maths and English for two tests the next day. At six o'clock, I was having an English class at Cultura Inglesa. This day was ... ok.

On Thursday, during the day, I did my History, Maths, Science and Portuguese homework and I surfed the Internet, doing research and watching some videos. In the evening, I jogged around the condominium again, and I studied Geography. This day was tiring, because I did a lot of homework and my mother argued with me.

On Friday, I did a lot of things: after school, I played computer games and surfed the Internet, in the evening I watched the news on TV and listened to rock music, at ten o'clock I watched a DVD with my dad and I did my English homework (the diary). This day was quite funny, because it was practically my only "rest day".

On Saturday, in the morning, I went to Praia Clube with my family. There, my dad and my brother played football on the court. After that, we had lunch. During the lunch, my brother said he wanted to see a film at the cinema with us. In the end, we didn't go to the cinema, because the film had already stopped showing at the cinema. When I was at home, I did my homework, I surfed the Internet and I studied all the school's subjects. In the evening, my parents had visitors at home: two friends. At ten o'clock, I watched another DVD with my dad. It was a good day.