Homework Update



Students were supposed to bring home Unit 1 Flocabulary(Vocabulary Unit) tonight to study the definitions of the words. They are NOT supposed to complete the activities at home.

They will have a Vocabulary multiple choice test on the words on Friday.

capable (adj) Able to do things well; skilled. The teacher asked for someone capable of leading the class while she was gone for 10 minutes.

develop (verb) To go through a process of growth. As Marley got older, she developed a taste for spinach.

disclose (verb) To make known. The cop said he would never disclose the name of the undercover agent who had helped him arrest the gang.

extraordinary (adj) More than what is normal or regular; amazing. You might be good at playing the piano, but this one dude named Mozart was extraordinary.

invisible (adj) Unable to be seen. Nate heard that rubbing pickle juice all over your body would make you invisible, but he didn’t want to try it.

manufacture (verb) To make something, often using a machine; to make up. The rubber taco factory manufactures rubber tacos in three different sizes.

master (noun) A person who has power over something; or someone who is very skilled. Frida was a master at painting, which is why she is so famous. (adj) Main; most important; or being like a master. A master CD is the high-quality disk you make copies from.

mature (adj) Fully grown, or behaving like an adult. Kiki is the opposite of mature: She acts like a baby all the time. (verb) To become fully grown or developed. A little sapling will one day mature into a giant tree.

practice (verb) To say or do over and over in order to get better at something. Sean practiced rhyming every day in the hopes of someday becoming a great rapper. (noun) An event where you do something again and again to get better at it. I love playing in baseball games, but I hate baseball practice.

variety (noun) 1. A number of different forms or types. Even though all the kids at her school liked basketball, Kasia knew she had a variety of choices for what sport to play. 2. Change; lack of sameness. I don’t want to live the same life every day—I need variety. 1D Synonyms Circle the word on the right that matches the meaning of the word or phrase on the left


I did not realize until today, when a student pointed it out, that the list of number words which I copied from the Internet and sent home, had 2 spelling errors. I asked the students to make the changes but just in case they did not, here are the words which need to be changed. Sorry about the error. It was LATE Sunday night when I did that.

Nineteen---- (not spelled ninteen)

Ninety-------(not spelled ninty)


The spelling test will be Friday.

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This is just a reminder that students who complete all of their reading responses(Monday-Thursday night) will have Flashlight Friday for 30 minutes while the students who did not complete their work will work in another teacher's room to complete the missing work.

It would be great if you could send in a flashlight for your child which I can keep in a drawer at school so that if the students have an awesome day I can reward them with an unplanned time to read with Flashlights. If you have an extra flashlight for a student who does not have a flashlight, we would greatly appreciate if we could use them.


  • No sharing flashlights
  • NO stuffed animals of any size
  • SMALL blanket or pillow is acceptable
  • If they forget, they will NOT be able to call home because I will have a sub on Friday. So they may want to being their things in on Thursday.

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Students were given an order/pay for for pictures on Monday. Some have already sent in their forms and money. Please let me know if you did not receive one and I will ask the office for another one.

You may also pay online at STRAWBRIDGE.NET . You may pay with exact cash or make checks payable to STRAWBRIDGE STUDIOS.


We began a new read aloud today called Where the Mountain Meets the Moon (CLICK HERE TO READ THE BOOK FOR FREE!)

I found a really cool site where you can actually read the book online. I do not mind you rereading parts with your child at home but prefer you not allow them to read ahead. It is a really good book and often parents enjoys reading what their kids read so they can discuss it with them.

I ask students to not read ahead because we have lots of discussion when I read aloud and students are asked to make predictions.

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Conference Time!

I sent out an email with the revised schedule of conferences today. If your name is not on the sheet, please let me know when you would like to meet.

Thank you!