Producing Live News

Capstone Presentation by Tallia Paul

Things to be Covered

  • I-Search Paper
  • Job Shadowing
  • Building a Resume
  • Apply for College
  • My Future in Television

I-Search Paper

  • Demand for Producers
  • College Requirements
  • Salary
  • Think Like a Journalist

Job Shadowing

  • Completed 5 hours of job shadowing
  • Saw a live broadcast at CBS 11 DFW
  • Attended 2 seminars by MMJ, Joe Little from 10 News in San Diego California
  • Attended the Student Television Network Convention in California in March, 2015

Building a Resume

  • Created a resume
  • Plan on using it to apply for internship

Applying For College

  • Accepted into Abilene Christian University with a $48,000 scholarship
  • Applied to the University of North Texas
  • Radio, Television, Film School

My Future

  • 4 years experience in TV and Film
  • Junior year producing a live broadcast
  • Senior year promoted to Executive Producer
  • Internship with Red Media Productions
  • Attending the University of North Texas
  • Becoming a TV Producer
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