Utt Falcon Update


Dia de Los Muertos Cultural Evening

The Dia de Los Muertos Cultural Event was a huge success with standing room only in the Multi-Purpose Room. This was a total collaboration between our Art, Music, and Spanish programs with a showcase of student made Calavera masks, cultural dancing, and cultural music. Students had a terrific time and our parents were appreciative. Great work team!

At-Risk Parent, Student and Teacher Conferences

To keep our focus of each parent conference around building action plans for moving forward, we are asking all teachers to print out the Grade Book Details page from Aeries, and highlight any work that you would still accept at this point. We are hoping to minimize the time required to discuss these items with each student during the conference. If you are passed the point of time of accepting assignments, that is fine. If you do have work you would still accept however, we would like this to be highlighted on the Grade Book Details. With a universal practice such as this, our parents can walk away from this meeting knowing exactly what passed work will be accepted with minimal discussion.

Upcoming Checkpoints

The window for ELA and Math Checkpoints is rapidly approaching beginning November 20 - December 18th. This year, both ELA and Math will have a Performance Task section that will take 120 minutes to administer. Christa and I are working with Team Leads to formalize a plan for testing. More to come! See the link below for the most recent district Assessment Timeline:


Actively Learn

We have had a great first semester with Core and Science programs utilizing the Actively Learn platform for non-fiction reading and written response. To build consistency within the program and to develop strong data sets, we want all core teachers to be utilizing the written response function of Actively Learn a minimum of two times per week. Within our science department, we want Actively Learn to be utilized a minimum of twice a month. With consistent writing practice and teacher feedback, we should be able to see marked improvement from our students.

Aeries Update

As we prepare to enter parent conferences, please remember our parents our relying on regular updates within Aeries Gradebook to hold their students accountable. The school wide expectation is Aeries Gradebook is updated a minimum of every two weeks. This consistency will help our students and parents monitor progress.

Student Fees Updates

As you all know, in public schools students are afforded FAPE, or a Free and Appropriate Public Education. Basically, this means that we are not allowed to charge students for any part of their educational experience. This includes field trips that happen within the school day, PE Uniforms, school supplies, school activities and any possible expense that is utilized within the school day. Currently, TUSD is on heightened alert as we are spending thousands of dollars in lawyer's fees to address concerns. Please see Dean if you have any questions.

Cardboard Arcade

Great work Melanie and Laura with an exceptional showing of the first Cardboard Arcade Event! The event raised $340 for CHOC. The event definitely captured our students creativity and imagination!
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Teacher Tech Survey

By the end of the day Friday, you will be receiving a Teacher Technology Survey in your box. This is part of the doctoral research Meg Ervais is conducting. If you remember, she was the person who brought us donuts at our last staff meeting. Please help her out by completing the survey and turning in to Krista Andreae by 11/20. The survey is completely anonymous.