Biography of Stephen Hawking

By Jenn 8J


Stephan Hawking was born on January 8 1942. His parents lived in London but moved to Oxford during the second world war because it was the safest place to have babies. At the age of eleven, he attended St. Albans School and then Oxford, his fathers old college. Stephan wanted to study Math, even though his father preferred medicine. Since Oxford didn't have math, Mr. Hawking took Physics, and then cosmology. His mother says that he was always attracted to the stars. He was considered bright but was actually in the bottom three in his class. He later stated that he only spent an hour on average doing homework at home. I think that this might be a bad influence on kids who want to be great too. They will probably think that they wouldn't need to study at home because Stephan Hawking didn't.


Stephan Hawking was in the early stages of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease) when he was 21. In a very simple sense, the nerves that controlled his muscles were shutting down. Doctors gave him two and a half years to live. This was probably one of his most famous struggles. What I found surprising, is that he did not get depressed that he was going to die, but he worked even harder to do something with his life. He strived to do something important with his life


He became famous after his work was introduced to the world. He currently makes $20 million each year. Even though he has a disease, it limits his body, but not his mind.

More awards:

He won the RAS gold medal and the Wolf Prize.

Growth mindset

I think that Stephan hawking has a growth mindset because he kept on trying even though he is disabled. It just proves that anyone can become great. I think that everyone should follow his desire to do something in life. And not just be a burden to the community around you. He also made the world better with his discoveries.