Goddess Gossip

By: Daniella D, and Anastasia C

Born Out Of The Sea

Aphrodite does not have parents she was made by the sea. In the middle of no were, foam started to come from the sea and a beautiful goddess arose from a seashell(aka Aphrodite). When the gods saw how beautiful she was they made her come to Olympus straight away. Zeus made her marry his son Hepaestus one of the ugliest gods. He made her a gridle that made her irresistible (as if she needed that). Then she left Hepaestus and married many more men.

Aphrodite's Family Tree

Aphrodite doesn't have a real family. She was created by the sea and lived with her life with what ever man or husband that she had at the time.

Exit Slip.

Why do you think the Greeks had gods/goddess?We think they had gods so that people could learn all the meanings to things in life that don't have a true scientific reason to.

Interview with Aphrodite!

Who: Aphrodite is the goddess of love!

What:Aphrodite is the prettiest god and she is the god of love. She is also the god of the famous cupid!

When:In the Ancient Greek the sea created a new and beatiful god!

Where:She born in the sea of Olmypus.

How:Aphrodite didn't have real parents the sea created her. She became the goddess of love because of her beauty.

Host: So Aphrodite I heard you are a heartbreaker just like Taylor Swift.

Aphrodite: Yes that's true, See men are like shoes when they become worn and old you simply throw them away.

Host: That should be your bumper sticker.

Aphrodite:What's a bumper sticker

Host:So I have a surprise guest your ex-husband, Hepaetus!

Aphrodite:Why would you bring him here he's so annoying.

Host:Sorry, but drama is drama and people love it, and you signed a contract

Hepaestus:Hi Aphrodite, I just wanted to tell you something.

Aphrodite:And what would that be(with a flip of her hair).

Hepaestus:You broke my heart, I loved you and you just left me like I was nothing how could you I made you a gridle that you still wear to this day.

Aphrodite:You were like a lost puppy always following me around.

Hepaestus:I was your husband what did you expect and it's not my fault all the gods were always droooling over you!

Host:Alright,alright calm down everyone, now last question for the night, Aphrodite do you plan on marrying anyone any time soon?

Aphrodite:No,not for awhile men are to much work.

Host:Well thank you for joining us on the Goddess Gossip, and good night.