The island of Cicones


  • The ruler of the island of Ithaca and one of the leaders of the Greek army during the Trojan War
  • Filled with the anger and adrenaline of winning the war at Troy, Odysseus and his men make their first stop on Isthmus, The island of the Cicones
  • Odysseus's soldiers are ordered to slaughter the island soldiers and enslave the woman

Ciconians Retaliation

  • After defeating the Ciconian army, Odyssey's army relaxed on the beaches and feasted on the ciconians food and wine
  • Ciconian fugitives traveled inland to unite the main forces of the Cicones
  • Ciconians were well trained to fight on the ground compared to Odyssey's army
  • The Ciconians felt confident in strategy to take back their home from Odyssey's soldiers

arrogant Soldiers

  • Odyssey's soldiers continued to feast on the food and wine of the Cicones
  • Odyssey ordered his army to leave the island before a retaliation attack by the Ciconians
  • The soldiers disobeyed their leader and stayed on the island to continue to intoxicate themselves
  • The army was so intoxicated that the soldiers did not notice the Ciconian soldiers until it was to late

Heavy Losses

  • The Ciconians received heavy reinforcements and after a whole day of fighting, The Ciconians had regained their homeland
  • Odyssey's army suffered heavy losses with more than 70 men belonging to his army were killed and had lost what the army worked so hard to gain

Chapter Theme

  • This chapter of the epic displays that arrogance and being egotistical will only bring more trouble and should not control someones actions
  • It also represents the foolishness of Odyssey's soldiers and their lack of discipline. Although Odyssey's warned them of the possible dangers, they refused to listen to him and that ended up being their demise


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