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Watch Fast & Furious Online Free - These films embrace their silliness, and director Justin Lin moves the film along at such an exciting pace that your cerebral cortex never has time to tell you everything that's impossibly stupid about the action you've witnessed.

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While the final entry of the second trilogy loses some sophistication from Fast Five, it is surprising to see that the quality of the film can be maintained at a good level. Although it is not an easy task to continue the best from the previous entry, it is still great to see Fast Six is successful in changing style, from car-racing criminal to car-chasing criminal. The intense action packed scenes are still the major epic attraction to this film though the humors might not as entertaining as before. Another good thing to see that the relationship between the characters become even more stronger, adding more positive emotional feels to the film. While the composer has been replaced by Lucas Vidal, it is amazing that the scores are still keeping Brian Tyler's styles from previous entries.