Youth Homelessness Rises

Toronto youths struggle

What's the Cause

There are many causes that lead to youth homelessness. The 3 main Factors are Missing child reports, Abuse in the home and shortage of good jobs and affordable housing. Toronto being a city with a high population makes it harder for everyone to receive or maintain a job.

Missing Child Reports:

in 2003 Canada saw a record total of 53,459 reported runaway children. This was a 24% increase over the past decade.

Abuse in home:

The majority of youth children never leave happy homes for the streets. Studies have Shown that 70% of youth have some form of sexual, physical or emotional abuse.

Affordable housing:

The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto found that in housing was a factor in one in five cases where children were taken into care. This is a 60% increase in the past 20 years

Dylan's Story to recovery

Dylan was a 16 year old boy who was kicked out by his mother. This led to a tough road ahead. Dylan was then on the street panhandling for money, looking for food through friends and garbage's, and sleeping on the streets in need of somewhere to sleep. He often slept in shelters at the beginning but never liked it so he decided to just stay on the streets. Dylan was never into drugs at the beginning but he eventually gave into the drugs when he had gotten badly injured. He was beaten up by three boys who wanted revenge and also didn't like Dylan. Dylan had broken ribs and a busted up face, he was bruised all over. He then started to ease into the drugs to stop the pain. Dylan started to take more when he realized it took the pain away and when he went to a party hosted by a pimp, he had also promised the pimp that he would work for him in exchange for hospitality and shelter. He fell in-love with a girl who worked for the pimp but he wasn't to keen on her working for him and hated the fact that she did. Dylan was then desperate, he was still badly hurt, and still no home or money. Till one day when he had a serious thought selling himself for money and a place to stay for the night but instead he had decided to call someone who had offered him help before. Dylan now works helping at a educational facility that offers help and education to the under developed kids and kids who are also on the streets, he has his own place and is now healthy off the streets. All it takes is one phone and dedication to be put back on a better path.

How can you help?

Ways of helping to end homelessness. You can support foundations, you can volunteer at shelters and offer them opportunities to get better to get off the streets. All they need is a way out and encouragement to succeed and a good, strong supporter. You can help to end homelessness by supporting low costing housing and people living in poverty.