Nick the Lion Tamer

Life is a game. Golf is SERIOUS.

Self Awareness

interests: I like to play golf and play video games.

skills: Very good at golf and skateboarding

values: Adventure, affection,cooperation,leadership,excellence,excitement,nature,wisdom

self-esteem: I have a well balanced realistic sense of my self-esteem

learning style: I am a visual-spatial learner

-Because specific traits require a specific job.

My career as an Embalmer

-Dress bodies and place them in caskets and or cremate them.

-My annual salary is 42,240 a year

-The outlook is 3%-9% (lower than average)

-The cluster is "Human services"

-Funeral directors usually work in funeral homes or crematories.The mood can be quiet or somber and stressfull.

-The ability to tell if something is wrong like a small detail or a big incision on a body.

How Do I get There?

-I want to go UAFS

- I want to choose this college because it is not far from home, most of my relitives graduated there.

-I need an associates degree and a bachlors degree

-I need 231 dollers an hour to go there.

-An academic scholarship.