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Do senior citizens really need to learn how to publish a video on YouTube? Maybe. It depends on whether this new learning is authentic to their life.

What does it really mean to design authentic activities/tasks for our students? What does it mean to have a classroom culture that supports authenticity of work? The video below shows an authentic experience of seniors learning how to navigate the internet. It isn't learning the process for getting onto Facebook or YouTube that motivates and inspires these seniors to learn. It is how the learning connects and impacts their world that lights that spark.

Cyber-Seniors Documentary - Official Trailer
As we continue to motivate our students to be TNReady (and World Ready), what are some ways that we can build authenticity into the culture of our classroom? How can we continue to set purpose and find ways to motivate our students? Learn more about authenticity in How To Build A Culture of Learning. It is never too late to start building a culture that sets a purpose for learning and establishes authenticity to the work.

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