Family Doctor

By Melanie Naircee

Basic Information

  • Care for all ages from infants to elderly
  • Care for chronic conditions, such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease
  • Ear, nose and throat care
  • Emergency medical care
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Mental and behavioral health care
  • Bone and joint care
  • Eye care
  • X-rays
  • Care of the urinary system
  • Well-woman care, reproductive counseling, family planning

Pros & Cons

  • Felxible hours
  • Can take control of real life emergencies outside of the office
  • Get close to family's and they recommend you to others

  • Hard to find the right job
  • Might have to take night shifts
  • Don't choose who you treat

High School & College Classes

Advanced high school classes that will help prepare for college are Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Foreign Language (minimum of two years), and Statistics and Probability.

For college classes it is mostly the same but maybe so more specific for what you're going for.

University of Marquette


  • Great medical schooling
  • Many other things to participate in
  • Great campus


  • Far away from home
  • Very expensive
  • Not easy to get in

University of Wisconsin Green Bay


  • Close to home
  • Not very expensive
  • Other things to participate in

  • Not many high school classes get transferred
  • their dorm room rules are "first come first serve" so if you want on campus living you would have to try to apply for that fast
  • Limmited parking

University of Fon Du Lac


  • they have a very large library and computer lab
  • they offer associates degrees
  • Iit's smaller and in less of a city so things will be more calm compared to other schools in large city's

  • it's a long drive
  • no on campus security just 24 hour alarms
  • not as many classes or things to study to get your degree as the other schools

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Choose a Family Doctor as Your Career! (advertisement)

Becoming a family doctor or physician would be a great experience! You get to work with a whole family which include, young children, infants, teens, young adults, and the elderly. There are a few classes in high school that you could take to have a good chance of getting into the college you want. Some of those classes are Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Foreign Language (minimum of two years), and Statistics and Probability. The salary for this job is relatively high too! In Wisconsin, the stypical salaries range from $92,780 to $166,400+ per year. And nationally, the typical salaries range from $84,790 to $166,400+ per year. There are also many different schools that teach this degree so there are many different opertunity for wherever you live.