Jacob A. Lawrence

An amazing painter of African American culture

Jacob Lawrence's Life

Lawrence was born on September 17, 1917 in Atlantic City New Jersey and died June 9th 2000 in Seattle Washington at age 82. He was a professor for 15 years at the University of Washington. He was the first African American to get an Spingarn Medal. During the Harlem Renaissance and Depression Jacob Lawrence painted his experience and other African American life, history and views during this time and this made his very important. Jacob Lawrence affected the world and community by painting what he saw showing others African Americans hard ships and how we lived our day to day lives and their style.

What Jacob Lawrence Did

Jacob Lawrence was a painter and artist. He painted the lives and history of African Americans. He painted Toussaint L'Ouverture series, War series, Frederick Douglass series and the Migration series and more putting each series on a numerous number of panels acting out the event or experience with paintings.

Some of his paintings

Jacob Lawrence

What would we do without him?

Without Jacob Lawrence what would we do. If he was never bon people would never see what African Americans went through and our history. If he was never born then most Americans wouldn't have see what Jacob went through and experienced, lived with and what African Americans did in the Harlem Renaissance.

Jacob Lawrence has affected me by showing me and allowing me to learn, hear and see what African American life, and history was like and his thoughts on African Americans in the Harlem Renaissance.


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