Paul Cuffee Lower School

Marisa Colucci - ELL Teacher

Paul Cuffee

Paul Cuffee Lower School is a public charter school in Providence, Rhode Island. Students are picked randomly from a public lottery. There are 3 classes per grade with 19 students in each class, from grades k-5. We currently have 342 students.

ELL Students

We are currently servicing 54 ELLs at the Lower school.

  • 9/54 students are at the Entering level
  • 7/54 students are at the Beginning level
  • 14/54 students are at the Developing level
  • 5/54 students are at the Expanding level
  • 10/54 students are Monitors (9/10 1st yr. and 1/10 2nd yr.)

The Paul Cuffee Lower School has one full time ELL Teacher and a .6 ELL Teacher

Student Hot Picks


ELL Model

I am currently servicing 16 students and monitoring 10 students throughout grades 2-5. My caseload ranges from students at the Entering level (3), Beginning (6), Developing (4), Expanding (3) and Monitors(10).

Our goal is to push-in to grade level classrooms and support our ELLs with the daily curriculum. We also provide small group instructions in a pull-out model.


The Paul Cuffee Lower School has implemented FOSS science kits this school year. The science kits have provided a great amount of hands-on learning, but challenging vocabulary/concepts.