Family comes to visit.

Life Science

The pictures at the bottom represent life science because my family came over and we observed how everyone changed in the past years. Plus, we got to see how my cousins got taller and how they look older. We all came so that we can see how my grandparents look younger than ever!

What was the most interesting part of that?

There was this one time while my cousins and I were having fun at the swimming pool. All of us, even the younger one, we all got to jump in the pool. Even though we got into a bit into trouble. Still, that was probably the most interesting part.

Three things about me!

Here are some things I would like to share with you. First, going to school isn't my favorite hobby, and sometimes, I find school a bit tedious. Also, I love to play video games and playing with friends is more fun. Finally, I like to play any sport, but I don't like to watch it. I find it boring to watch. I think playing is more fun.