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Memorial Elementary Bobcat Bulletin 10-19 through 10-23-15

Design Challenge Week & MCFA!

You did an amazing job with Parent/Teacher Conferences. The parents are pleased with the information you shared and you have built wonderful partnerships.

This week Sara and I have observed amazing instruction around the building. Several grade levels had students participating in hands-on science/experimental inquiry lessons. Students also had many opportunities to practice 2 and 3-column notes to organize their information. It was wonderful to see grade levels gathering data using common assessments. Please be sure to share your data with us. We would love to see how the students are progressing.

Monday begins our 1st Design Challenge week of the year. I am pleased that so many grade levels are choosing a challenge this week. The link below will take you to a document to organize your activities for the week. Leaders have access to edit the document and everyone is able to view it. This is a great way to share ideas with your colleagues. https://docs.google.com/document/d/110upwCzVsdQjpU2UQir-odsG_WdwXYZpRUvPzzf6Y6s/edit.

Thursday evening (10/22) we will host our first family night of the year, Multicultural and Fine Arts Night. Our theme this year is New Orleans and the plans look amazing. Thank you Heather for taking the lead and let's have a great time with our families.

Also, our community partner, The Medical Center of Plano, will visit Memorial on Friday (10/23). This will give us an opportunity to showcase the 4 Cs and all of the great work we do with students each day.

Lastly, you have done an amazing job with displaying student work in your classrooms and grade level hallways. It would be wonderful if the student work displays can make it's way to the main hallways as well. Research shows that when students see their work and the work of their peers on display for others to see, they work harder to produce quality work.

Thanks everyone and let's have a wonderful week!


Lilly & Daisy for collaborating on ideas to transition bilingual students to English. Carmen for organizing picture day. Michelle for building excitement with our AVID strategies using the Golden Binder. Jennifer E. for preparing and leading our first C & C assembly. Saraid for taking her class exploring in the building to find items that push and pull.

What's Happening!

10/19 - Design Challenge Activities Begin

10/19 - 3rd Grade Visit from Texas Wildlife Association 8 - 10 am

10/19 - Team PDH 3:15 pm

10/19 - K-2 Guided Reading for Today's Learner (Optional) 3:30 pm

10/20 - CMIT Paperwork Due

10/21 - Parent Class on Internet Safety 8 - 9 am

10/21 - 3rd Grade to Interurban Railway 10:30 - 1:30 pm

10/21 - Staff Meeting 3:15 pm

10/22 - Mobile Dairy Classroom

10/22 - B-Week Bobcat Visioning Meetings (1,2,4)

10/22 - Multicultural/Fine Arts Night 5-6:30 pm

10/23 - The Medical Center of Plano Executives Visit 1-2 pm

10/24 - PTA Sponsored Garage Sale 8 - 1 pm

10/24 - Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Tree Planting Project 9 - 10 am

Pride's Schedule

10/21 - Principals' Meeting - Sockwell

That's HILARIOUS! Send your funnies my way...

A fourth grade teacher said to her class, "If missing the mark was an Olympic event then we would win the gold." A student proudly yelled, "YEAH!"

Happy Birthday

10/23 - Sara

10/25 - Lislia