Learning Styles and Study Skills

Taking Different Directions To Reach The Same Destination

How Do you Learn?

Have you ever been taught a lesson only to later realize that you haven't quite learned anything? Have you ever wondered why your classmate might understand a lesson better than yourself? Lastly, have you ever considered what skills work best to allow you to learn, understand, and remember class material. One thing to consider is your learning style and study skills!

Everyone is different when it comes to how information is received and maintained, which is why it is essential that we get to know our own personal learning style and develop study skills to help to understand and retain information.

Study Skills

Study Effectively

1: Take Notes

2. Manage your time

3. Clarify your material

4. Stay organized

Study Skills

Regardless of what type of learner someone may be, they must always take notes. Note taking can serve as a personalized reference for students. Things that a student may find important or difficult can be jotted down in notes so that if the material is forgotten it is still written down on paper. Managing your time ensures that you will have enough time to memorize all the of the material that you have learned. Good time management also allows students to carefully and numerously review their material. Students must also clarify the material that they are studying so that they know that they are studying the right things and they also should make sure that they truly understand what they are studying. Last, stay organized because even if a student does take notes, they wont be any good if they are lost.