A Tribute to my Hero

By: Thomas C


Rob Merrilees is a successful business man, a professional programer, the biggest St. Louis Cardinals fan ever, and my personal hero. Rob has been in love with baseball as long as he or I can remember, and because he grew up in St. Louis he took a natural liking to the Cardinals. Once he finished college at Princeton he took up mature programming with a buddy of his. Their love for the game of baseball and programming manifested into a game they mad and sold called, Radio Baseball. Around 15 years later he started a business after his childhood dog Spot. And just like that Spot Trading was born. Rob is my hero because of his incredible inspiration and his ability to build positive character.

A picture of my hero, (in the green shirt).

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The Definition of a Hero

Thomas Criswell


Writing Period 2

“A Definition of a Hero”

According to Webster-Dictionary a hero is, “A person who is admired for great or brave acts or qualities,” but to me a hero is so much more. When most people think of a hero they think of a man in a red cape with an S on his chest lifting a car, or a knight in shining armor on his trusty steed; however, in reality a hero can be anyone. A hero could be your next-store-neighbor, your sports coach, or even the man bagging your groceries. To some there's no such thing as heroes. Heroes are a figment of imagination, an opinion, or simply don't exist. These same people don't realize that heroes are all around them. Everyone has a person who has given them strength, perseverance, inspiration, in some point in time. A hero is someone who positively impacts your character and inspires you.

A hero is a teacher who inspires perseverance. Imagine the tiring and exhausting day you have to have as a teacher. Answering question after question and teaching lesson after lesson. You aren't expected to do much other than that. Now consider those teachers who put all that behind them and go above and beyond. The people who put expectations behind them to help and inspire others is what creates a hero. To inspire students, future geniuses, and people in general it all starts with a great teacher and an even greater hero.

A person's character defines who they are. You could be shy, outgoing, or somewhere in the middle, but we all have a personality. Character is hard to shape. It takes years of positive influence and maintenance. A hero is someone who impacts and molds you to who you are today. It could be the way you walk, it could be the way you carry yourself, anything. Your personal hero has a positive influence on you as a person today. A hero makes you want to aspire to be like them. This is the process in which your character is shaped hopefully for the better.

No matter who you are, you have had someone to look up to. A brother, a grandma, a sports player, anyone could be your hero. The connection you feel to this person should make you want to aspire to be them. They should be a role model to you and have some impact on how you live your life today. A hero should make you grow in ways you didn't know you could. A hero should inspire you and positively impact your character.

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