Daughter of Lord Capulet

What I am looking for

I'm looking for someone who is into a devoted relationship and believes in love at first sight. My father is looking to set up a husband. The guy is nice but I don't like him.

Ways you can talk to me :)

My email is JCap@yahoo.com

You can talk to my nurse then she will transfer the message

You can also just sit under my balcony and listen to my talk for 45 minutes and then finally speak after I talked about someone.

These are all ways you can reach me.

My Family

My fathers name is lord Capulet he doesn't like his real first name (Fredrick)

My mothers name is lady Capulet she doesn't like her first name either (henryetta)

My cousins name is Tybalt ( I have a bad feeling about his near future but I don't know why)

My Husbands name is soon to be known.

My hobbys

I like to pace back and forth on my balcony and speak random thoughts to myself but whenever I do that they are usually quite loud and most people can hear them.

I also like to drink weird potions that the friar gives me and hope that they do not kill me.