The Pamlico Sound

Where is it?

The Pamlico Sound is the largest sound on the East coast. It is an estimated eighty miles long, and fifteen to twenty miles wide. It mainly comprises most of the western Outer Banks coastline from Whalehead Junction all the way to Portsmouth Island.

The Importance of TPS and other facts

The sound is fed by three different inlets, the Oregon Inlet, the Hatteras Inlet, and the Ocracoke Inlet. But the Pamlico sound is actually very shallow. During many hurricanes, the waters rush to the West which leaves empty sandbars behind. Although there is a rare occurrence of flooding, the Pamlico Sound is an important network of shipping lanes. The Pamlico Sound is considered the fishing gem of NC. There are oyster rich rocks and it is a primary nursery area for younger species. You can also see blue crabs there very often. The main threat to the estuary system in NC is contamination of rivers. The changes in land bordering is also a big threat to estuaries. All estuaries are are natural places. it provides goods that are economically indispensable.