Book Fiesta

A Bilingual Picture Book by Pat Mora

Book Introduction

Book Fiesta is a children's book, written by Pat Mora and illustrated by Rafael Lopez. This book is about celebrating children's day/book day. In the back of the book, Mora writes about how in Mexico on April 30th the country celebrates El dia del nino (The day of the Child.) She thought it would be fun to write a book about kids celebrating this day but she wanted to add the celebration of books on the same day!

Title-Book Fiesta

Author-Pat Mora

Illustrator-Rafael Lopez

Genre-Children's, Picture, Bilingual

Topic/Theme-Children/Book Day. Celebrating books

Awards Received- Pura Belpre Award. This is an award for Latino/Latina authors or illustrators who best portrays the Latino culture in his/her work. In this case, the illustrator, Rafael Lopez received the award.

Rafael Lopez

Lopez is an award winning illustrator. He mixes graphic style and magical symbolism when illustrating. He grew up in Mexico City and this brings out his culture when drawing his illustrations for children's books. In 2011 he created a stamp for the United States Postal Service celebrating Latin Music Legends.

Pat Mora

Pat Mora is a former teacher. She is the founder of the family literacy initiative El dia de los ninos/El dia de los libros; Children's day/Book day. This initiative is about connecting all children to books, languages, and cultures. She is the author of children's books as well as adult books. Mora is now a speaker at universities and conferences around the country.

Criteria for Multicultural Books

1. Honor and celebrate diversity as well as common bonds in humanity.

-The children in each picture are different. They are different genders and different cultures. Although the children are different the story still bonds them together through their love of books.

2. Have an appealing format and be of endearing quality.

-This book is very appealing to children. The text and illustrations go together in a way that attracts young readers. The text is presented in a variety of ways (straight on the page, diagonal, etc) and the pictures are all detailed and colorful.

3. Illustrations should compliment and enhance the imagery of the story.

- The illustrations in this book bring the story to life. Throughout the story the pictures show what the text is portraying. The illustrations would really benefit ELL students because they may not understand the story but would know what was going on by looking at the pictures.

Classroom Teaching Application

- 2nd grade

- RL.2.2 – Recount stories, including fables and folktales from diverse cultures, and determine their central message, lesson, or moral

- The students will be able to identify the message of the book.

- I think that it is important that students know that every book has a message. I think it would be neat to celebrate what this book is all about in my future classroom. Every student could bring in their favorite book and all day we could discuss the books and have some activities to go along with the books. This book would be a good way to introduce the idea or begin the book day. One of the activities we could do is have the students find the main message of the book they brought. I, the teacher, could explain the main message of Book Fiesta and then they could do their own