The Southeast Region

Logan W. Martin


In the Southeast there are a few landforms. The Appalachlan Mountains go thew the 12 Southeast states. The Great Smoky Mountains is apart of the Appalachlan mountains. Its apart of North Carolina and Tennessee. The Mississippi river is the second longest river and it was Native Americans.


The Southeast has jobs like lumbering and egnearing. Lumber and wood are used for wood products. Wood can also be used for paper. Egnearing is for space gear and rocket ships.


In the Southeast people mine for coal in West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. Mining is very dangerous. The cave could cave in, there is very little air and the cave could explode if there is national gas in the air. Coal is burned for electricity and homes and business. Oil is used for plastic, tiers, paints, clothing and medicine.


In the Southeast most farmers grow more then they can eat. Florida is none for growing oranges. Mississippi and Alabama are none for cotton. Georgia is none for peaches. Farmers get there milk from dairy cows.


In the Southeast there is lots of weather. The Southeast is a hummed subtropical Region. In Florida it gets the most rain. But in other states its warm and sunny. Sometimes the warm states get snowfall. Sometimes also near Florida they get hurricanes.