Prevenative Health

By: Jackson Bridgeman


Mammograms designed only for woman are an x-ray of the breasts looking for any form of cancer. This x-ray can be for woman with no other signs of cancer and they just want a check up. But it can also be form woman who may have developed a lump or another sign of cancer in the breast. This is an examine that is recommended for women 40 and up, it should continue annually. The frequency may need to increase based on wha the women's doctor tells them. The cause of breast cancer is un known as most forms of cancer so theres no true way to say you will no you will or will not have this type of cancer. So it is safe for every women 40 and up to get mammograms.

Pap smears

Pap smears are for girls only. This examine is recommended for girls 21 and up. Girls should get this check ups regularly if tests are coming back with signs of infections. If the test comes back clear the first few times it is safe to get the examine about every three years. If girls do not get the pap smear examines they run a high risk of developing a serious infection with the cervix.

Testicular exam

This is a exam for guys only and is one that is done by the guy himself. During this exam the guy is feeling for any lumps or unusual enlargements. Any lumps found could be the sign of testicular cancer. This type of cancer isn't very common but is the most common type of cancer for guys 15-35 years old.

Prostate Exam

A prostate exam is for men. This is an exam made to check for prostate cancer in the males body. Prostate cancer can be very deadly and it is important for men ages 40-75 to get this examine. The prostate is recommended to be performed every 4 years. If this is not done there is a good chance of cancer forming inside. No way to really prevent this form of cancer.
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