Jan van Eyck

By: Allison Clarke


-born in 1390 in Maastricht, Netherlands

-died in 1441

-Flemish (nationality)

-spent most of his life in the Netherlands and Portugal

-little is known about van Eyck's early life, but most historians believe that he was an apprentice to his two brothers who were also painters, Hubert and Lambert

-was also an apprentice under John of Bavaria

-at the age of 20, he became an apprentice. then when his employer died he had a 16 year career with another employer, then opened his own workshop in Bruges

-married Margaretha van Eyck and had 2 children

-created many paintings an drawings throughout his lifetime, mainly oil paintings, such as "Saint Jerome in His Study" and "Portrait of Margareta van Eyck"

-main patron was the rich and powerful Duke Philip the Good of Burgundy and in his early years, John of Barvaria

-he represents Secularism because his paintings are so detailed and show that he was very knowledgeable about geometry, astronomy, music, theology, literature, medicine, ancient history, and the human body.


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The Ghent Altarpiece

-created in 1432

-oil painting on panel

-currently resides at Sint Baafskathedraal Gent (A.K.A. Saint Bavo Cathedral)

-this piece was very significant because mot of his paintings were on a small scale, and this one was very large, yet still just as detailed

-I think this piece is interesting because there are so many different parts to the painting, which makes it interesting to look at. there are so many little details you can see. Also, the colors are so bright and saturated, and there is a wide variety of colors.

-This painting represents secularism because van Eyck shows his vast knowledge of human anatomy and theology through the nudes and people and biblical parts of the scene


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AR: Jan van Eyck, European Flemish, active 1422-1441
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AR: Jan Van Eyck
TI: The Ghent Altarpiece, open (Retable de L' Agneau Mystique Ouvert.)
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