Tiger Press

San Marcos Elementary

Weeks of Sept. 8th and Sept. 15th

Important Dates


4:00 PTO Board Meeting

8:45- Rolyane to AP meeting

9:00 Stephanie and Natalie to SSA Site Meeting


9:00 Parent Nutrition Class

9:00 Stephanie to DO meeting

1:15 - 1:45 FERNANDEZ to LIbrary

1:45 - 2:15 SELPH to LIbrary

2:15 - 2:45 CHAPMAN to LIbrary

9-2:00 Wheel Teacher Orientation


2:30 Staff Meeting


3rd grade to Common Core Training at DO

Stephanie to Interviews

2:30 Food Pantry


Farmer's Market-

8:55-9:40 4th&5th

9:40-10:10 Kindergarten

10:10-10:40 2nd

10:40-11:20 1st

11:20-11:50 3rd

Picture Day


8:45- Upper Flag Salute

10:00 - 10:30 MACKINTOSH to Library

10:30-11:15 ROPER to Library


10:00 San Marcos High School Dedication


9:00 Safe School Ambassador Training- Portable Classroom 1 at DO


4th grade to Common Core Training at DO

9:00 Safe School Ambassador Training- Portable Classroom 1 at DO

9:00 Parent Nutrition Class- MPR

9:00 Dental Screenings- Community Room

10:00 Noontime Supervisor Meeting

6:00 General ELAC Meeting


2:30 PLC Meetings


8:00 Rolayne to Coalition Meeting

10:30 SMUSD Board Visit

2:00 Food Pantry


8:45- Family Friday

9:00- Parent Nutrition Class

Tiger Bright Spot

  • The scientists in Mr. Chapman's class were engaged in learning about the movement of water. Aside from this being a great activity that serves the many learning modalities, the best part was when students learned from their mistakes when there was an error with the bottle connector...growth mindset in action!
  • Thursday, Sept. 4- while walking around campus after school, I saw so many of you collaborating with each other. A bright spot- many of you working with vertical team members during your lunch times too!
  • Ms. Roy's class motto:" No matter the challenge no matter what- We will always work hard and never give up." written by Angel Aguilar
  • Mrs. Wilson's class performed some yoga moves to stimulate their brains.
  • Anna Christina in Mrs. Lyon's class shared with her peers that she has improved on her typing skills because she is determined to get better and practices everyday after school. It is so inspiring when kids start to take ownership of their own learning.
  • Check our Becca Henig's flipped classroom! She uses her iPods, iPad and computers to show math videos before she teaches her lesson. Another great way for kids to take ownership, think critically and persevere through new information.


  • I have modified and editted the bells that ring inside. Next week if you are still having random bells ringing at the wrong time, will you let me know. Thank you
  • The observation schedule for those teachers on the cycle for this year is complete. I will be sending a separate email with more information. If you do not receive an email from me, you are not on for this year!
  • The district is looking for teachers to participate on a VAPA Strategic Planning Committee. If you are interested, please stop by and let me know. These are the dates they are meeting- September 24, October 16, November 13, December 3.

  • If you are interested in teaching After School Learning, we would like to start it up soon. We will be using a new math online program called ST Math. We would have students on the program 3 days a week. ASL would be minimal prep and you would be trained on the new program. Let me know if you are interested, it is open to all grade levels.


8/15- Spend time in wheel rotations & grade CELDT alike assessement


1-Elizabeth Bjorklund

3-Grace Ramirez

5-Patricia Zaldivar

7-Laura Glaves-Funk

11-Jack Garcia

17-Megan Wooldridge

Math Corner

Great short quick math lessons you can do at the beginning of the year.


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New Apps, Tweets, Tech Uses

Check out these live webinars for new teacher ideas.