Digital Citizenship Project

By: Nick W. Period 4

What is Digital Citizenship? Why is it important?

Digital Citizenship is making sure you are doing the right thing while you are using the Internet. This means you should not say or do anything mean or hurtful to someone while you are on the Internet. If you wouldn't say what you said to the person's face. Then, don't say it online. Digital Citizenship is important because if you didn't you use digital citizenship when you are online people online when be hurtful and cruel. Some people would get cyber bullied if there was no such thing as digital citizenship. So remember, when you are online try to remember to use digital citizenship.
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Rule 1: Digital Etiquette

You must treat people with respect. This means only say something you would say to them in person. Also to treat others how you want to be treated.

Rule 2: Information Privacy

Never post any of your personal information on the internet. Even if a website is asking for your personal information ask a parent or guardian if it is ok. They could be trying to send you spam messages.

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Rule 3: Social Networking

Don't share anything that you wouldn't want your parents, teachers, classmates, potential employers, or college admissions officers to see. This means you shouldn't post any embarrassing or personal pictures.

Rule 4: Online Safety

Keep your identity a secret. When using a site try to stay anonymous.While creating your username use a name that is no where close your real name. Make sure it doesn't give away anything about your age, location, or gender.

Rule 5: Cyberbullying

Do not post embarrassing photos or secrets about someone else. If it's intended to make someone feel bad or unsafe to not post the photo or share the secret

Rule 6: Plagiarism

Do not copy someone else's work and put what they had word for word on your paper. This is like cheating off of someone else's paper when taking a test. Put the information in your own words aka paraphrase the sentence.

Rule 7: Copyright

If you are going to use a portion of someone else's work, you should ask the creator for permission to using their copyrighted work. Email or text a creator of an article and ask for permission to use the work that they published.