Weekly Update

October 12

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Year-Two Leadership Academy Students Working Together


The PSAT is taking place on Wednesday. All students taking the test should report to their testing room by 7:20 (testing rooms and student assignments will be posted in the school hallways Tuesday afternoon). If a student is not testing, they are not required to be at school until 10:40. Please note: periods 1-3 will not be held on Wednesday. Below is the bell schedule for the day.

PSAT Administration 7:20 - 10:38

4°A 10:43 – 11:04 (21 min)

4°B 11:04 – 11:25 (21 min)

5°A 11:30 – 11:51(21 min)

5°B 11:51 – 12:12 (21 min)

6°A 12:17 – 12:38 (21 min)

6°B 12:38 – 12:59 (21 min)

7° 1:04 – 1:42 (38 min)

8° 1:47 – 2:25 (38 min)


We have parent teacher conferences on Thursday night from 3:20-6:20. Conferences will have the same formatting style as in the past, and we will have teachers in the cafeteria, main gym, and auxiliary gym II (We will not be using auxiliary I due to the renovation project.). Our staff will be seated alphabetically (with the exception of co-teaching teams) starting in the cafeteria and moving back to Aux II. We look forward to seeing everyone.

District Calendar

Based on some recent email questions, it has come to our attention that some parents may be utilizing an old version of the 2015-16 academic calendar. The 2015-16 calendar was updated and approved by the Board of Education on May 7, 2015. Please click here to view the official 2015-16 academic calendar. We regret any confusion that this may have caused you and your family. With regard to the 2016-17 and 2017-18 calendars, the district calendar committee will meet in October with the goal of having a recommendation to the Board of Education. At this point, no official start date to the 2016-17 school year has been selected.

The important thing to note in the short term is that Thursday is a school day, and Friday is not a school day.

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Highlighting SHS Success: Cassie Martin

Last Thursday, Senator Tom Patton was at SHS to award Two-Time State High Jump Champion, Cassie Martin, with a proclamtion recognizing her tremendous feats. SHS is proud of Cassie and thankful to Senator Tom Patton for coming to SHS.

The Full Schedule

Here is a link to our athletic and school calendars for all of our events scheduled for the week of October 12th.