Resources for ALL TEACHERS



Below are an array of resources for teachers to implement in their classrooms. All of the videos listed below offer a vast array of viewing all situations. These viewpoints may not be what the local culture or society would share with these students, so allowing them to listen and make their own opinions is crucial for their success, and growth as a young and educated individual.


Podcasts are a great way for your students to learn with or without you. This could be used as a great classroom for supplement for a teacher who is going to miss and must have something for a substitute to do for the hour. If your students can engage in these than they will have an easier time dealing with a teacher being out of the room. More often than not when a teacher is gone for the day then the students check out for the day. These activities will keep them engaged for the day and hold them accountable for the days learning.

U.S. Government & politics

This is a lecture series over how the government works and how citizens have to be involved with their governmental workings and proceedings. This is a different point of view for the students to take into account and digest. By teaching the students from a single perspective will not diversify their learning processes.

Political Philosophy.

This another great resource for teachers to use, most students are only exposed to American ideals of a government. Exposing them to where their government came from and how they fit into a grander scheme will diversify their learning. This will also enable them to delve deeper into their learning.

The Civil war and Reconstruction.

This lecture series takes a teacher from the start of the Civil War up until its completion and the South's reconstruction. The enables the teacher to find other resources and enable their students to think deeper and more in depth for their own personal growth.

World History

This lecture series does not single out any particular point in European History, rather it expands on the views of European history and looks over all different aspects of the civilization. All students are exposed to are Germany, and Greater European history this delves into all of the smaller countries who may seem to of less significance.

Cultural Diversity

This course enables students to see how the world through all other peoples lives. They are given the opportunity to look at other cultures without having to travel all over the world, rather they get to stay in the comfort of their own classroom. While still being exposed to a vast amount of information and people.