5th Grade News

Week of Oct. 12-16


Welcome to Mrs. Riddle and Mrs. Waggoner's Weekly Newsletter! Here, you will find our learning targets for the week, along with upcoming events/reminders.

Learning Targets

English Language Arts - This week, we're working on Cause and Effect. We will also be reviewing verb tense. Our current read aloud is My Life in Dog Years, by Gary Paulsen.

** Each week, students must complete two Achieve 3000 articles. Articles are based on content covered in science and social studies. One article may be completed at home. Students are given time during our reading rotations to complete the articles.

Writing - Students are working on writing personal narratives. Last week, students were able to add details as we completed an activity that helped each child really think about the story they will be publishing. This week, we'll continue working on our writer's craft as we practice "Show, not tell". An example of this would be when a student might write "I was scared". Instead, he or she might write "You could hear a pin drop, it was so quiet. My knees were shaking."

Social Studies - This week, we will begin exploring how physical environments can affect human activities in the Western Hemisphere, and how human activities have altered physical environments in the Western Hemisphere.

Math - Next week in math we will be working on multi digit multiplication, reviewing the patterns for multiplying numbers by multiples of 10, and starting to look at the patterns with dividing by multiples of ten. We will also start focusing on simplifying fractions. Please, encourage your children to practice their math facts EVERY DAY. Even if it is only for a few minutes. Also, MobyMax login and password information can be found in your child's B.E.E. Binder.

Science - In science we are taking a break from ecosystems and looking into some health topics, since October is health awareness month. We will be discussing conflicts, healthy ways to deal with emotions and disagreements, and self esteem.

Upcoming Events

October 14 - Parent/Teacher Conferences 4-7pm

Word Study Tests in Mrs. Riddle's ELA Class

October 16 - NO SCHOOL

Mrs. Riddle

Mrs. Riddle teaches English Language Arts, Socials Studies and Writing to the 5th grade students on the Riddle/Waggoner team.

Mrs. Waggoner

Mrs. Waggoner teaches Math, Science and Writing to the 5th grade students on the Riddle/Waggoner team.

Miss Iafelice

Ms. Iafelice is the long-term substitute for Mrs. Waggoner, who is out on maternity leave. She will be teaching Math, Science and Writing to the 5th grade students on the Riddle/Waggoner team.