Guided Access on your iPad

Limit the iPad to run a single app for student use.

Apple has introduced Guided Access in iOS6.

It keeps your device in a single app and allows you to control which features are available.

Launch the Settings App.

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Launch Settings. Go to General and choose Accessibility.
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Turn Guided Access On.

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Set a passcode. The passcode for FJ iPads will be 5555.
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Launch the app you want to lock the device into.

Triple-click the Home button. This will open up the Guided Access menu.

You can choose to disable touch or motion in addition to disabling the Home and volume buttons.

Tap the Start button to begin the app.

To exit the app.

Triple-click the Home button and enter the Guided Access passcode.

Now your iPad is set up to use Guided Access whenever you choose.

Just open the app you want the student to use, triple-click, and click start.

This feature should help to keep our students on task.