Ava Anderson by Tera| June 2015

Bringing safe, effective products into your home!

Summer is HERE!

A warm summer greeting to you from Akron, OH!

I want to first of all say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have supported me in this new business venture thus far, whether through purchasing products, hosting an avaHOUR, "liking" my FB page, or sharing the information with family and friends! I am off to a strong start, which is simply amazing given that I'm new to the business world! So, THANK YOU! Praise be to God!

In the past month and a half of doing this, I have learned so much. What I am enjoying most is leading avaHOURS and EDUCATING others about harmful chemicals that can be found in every day products. I enjoy this because it's informative, fun, and eye-opening. I want to HELP everyone make smarter choices when it comes to purchasing products, both for the health benefit and environmental benefit!
Ava Anderson Non Toxic Company Video