The Red Kayak

Story Elements

The Red Kayak takes place in the Chesapeake Bay during the present. The main conflict in the story is Brady not knowing if he should tell the truth about the red kayak having holes drilled by J.T. and Digger, in which caused the death of Ben or just hide it to save his friends from trouble. The book begins with Brady about to explain what happened six months ago during spring and is very shocked about it. Pick up the book to find out what happens!

Charecter Analysis

The main character is Brady. Three words to describe the main character are helpful, brave, and self-conscious. The character is motivated by the death of Ben in the story because he starts helping the DiAngelos after what happened. Also feels sadness from the DiAngelos suffering from the death of Ben. In addition, he blames himself for his death. I like the main character because he is caring and helpful to his friends and family. Also he did the right thing in the end with the problem he was dealing with instead of hiding it for the rest of his life. The relationship between Brady and Darrell is that they can overcome challenges even if they feel they can not accomplish it.


The theme of the novel is to not avoid what is the right thing to do. One example that supports the theme is Brady did not want to work for Mrs. DiAngelo , but felt that not doing so will give a very stressful time to her. Another example is Brady told his father everything about the holes drilled in the red kayak by J.T. and Digger. He knew it was terrible to say, but it was the right thing to do. A third example from the book is Digger admitted about drilling the holes in the red kayak causing the death of Ben and he should be the only one punish. A final example that supports theme is Brady knew that throwing the drill in the river was a bad idea because it made him feel worse and knew he had to have evidence to show that he was responsible for the death of Ben for having J.T and Digger drill the holes in the red kayak.

Connections: Can teens relate to this novel?

 Teens can relate to this novel because they can face issues that can have a hard time to solve such as Brady trying to decide on what to do with the drill of his father. Also how teens can ask for help with issues and not doing it on their own all the time. For example, Brady telling the whole truth about the red kayak to his father because he could not deal with it anymore.