Apple iTunes or Google Play

Which is better?

My Opinion......

On this flyer I'll tell you what I think is different between iTunes and Google Play. In my opinion I think that iTunes is better than Google Play. I think that iTunes is better than Google Play because itunes has a better set up than Google Play. iTunes has more updates on there features than Google Play does on my phone I see that its been a long time since google has updated the play store and iTunes has had better updates than google play from what I have seen android has only had 1 update and that iTunes has an update like almost every 1 or 2 months.

But if I were to choose Android over Apple I'd say that it's better than Apple because of its 2 ghz processor and the Iphone only has ios which causes the device to freeze on YouTube I was looking over some unboxing videos of both the Android and Iphone devices. The Android device (Samsung Galaxy S3) had a better look than the Apple device (iPhone 5). The iPhone just has a regular square look to it while the Android phones come in different look every time they come out.

Areas to discuss:

Areas of focus within the store - what does Apple put more emphasis on compared to what Google focuses on in regard to apps? For example, does one focus on movies/music more than the other?

•Price Points of apps - what's the difference - who is generally more expensive when it comes to paid apps?

Between apple and google on the price point of apps I think that the app store is more expensive than the google play store because I've searched through the app store and their most expensive app is the V.I.P app it costs $1000. The most expensive app that I've seen in the play store was $7.99 but I dont remeber what app it was.

•Layout of store on both mobile device and online (don't have one or the other? you should probably Google screenshots, or pair up with a buddy that has the opposite OS - operating system)

App Store Vs. Google Play Store

•Which app store is easier to access? Are there steps you need to take to access each app store? Walk us through them - be specific.

The app store that's easier to access is the Apple App store because as soon as you click on the app for it it just takes you right where you want to be if there is something you want but dont see you can search for it in the search bar. For google Play it's kinda just all over the place it's too cluttered together to get to anything.

App availability - Is there a favorite app of yours that isn't on the other OS? What is it and why do you like it so much? Be as detailed as possible.

My favorite game/app is Angry Gran Run what I mostly like about is that it's both on iTunes and Google Play . The game itself is very fun because it is something like temple run and temple run is my favorite game. It's a little different then the original temple run because instead of just running and getting coins there's random things that are in the road some of those things are a T-Rex, horse poop, aliens, a giant can, and two men carrying a long thing of glass across the road there are also more things. The game is really fun I reecommend it.

•Who has more apps? What kind of quality does each store have when it comes to apps?

Last year, iTunes had more apps but there are people on the internet saying that by the end of the year Google Play will have more apps than the Apple App Store.

•What is your personal (professional) opinion of each store's apps? NOTE: At this point, you should have an opinion about both stores and the offered apps.

Well my personal opinion between the two is I think that the Apple iTunes Store is better than the Google Play Store because it's more organized and it has better apps than the google play store. It's categorized by the different needs of each person to fit each person's needs. I like Racing and Puzzle games.

•What's the approval process of submitting an app to each store? Which one is more likely to have less bugs in their apps? What is the cost to submit an app?