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Vol. 3 No. 3 ~ December 04, 2015

In this Newsletter:

  • DTLs at AASL Conference
  • ODES 2nd: Animals and Their Habitats
  • HEES 4th: Native Americans
  • HCES 3rd: Moon and Earth
  • GMES, HCES, and WAES 4th: Weather Forecasts
  • BNES 2nd: Cultures and Countries
  • Library Spotlight: George Washington High School
  • History Day

DTLs at AASL Conference

Avan Thayn and Angie Woodring attended the American Association of School Librarians conference and came back with lots of great ideas and innovative research strategies. The conference focused on diversity in collection development, inquiry learning, web tools, co-teaching, content curation, maker spaces, and more! Angie presented on innovative research using web tools, specifically utilizing ThingLinks. The district teacher librarians look forward to sharing this new knowledge and implementing it in our school libraries and future research projects.

ODES 2nd: Animals and their Habitats

Second graders at Odyssey researched habitats and animal adaptations in those habitats. Students used databases on Pioneer Library to do their research. The students are now pros at navigating World Book Encyclopedia on Pioneer. Students used online reading strategies to find relevant information and recorded the information in their research notes. Students used this information to write an information book to share on their literacy night.

HEES 4th: Native Americans

Fourth graders at Heritage learned about Native Americans in Utah through research. Students used keyword searches while using a search engine in order to find their information. Students also learned about primary sources when Patricia Washington, fourth grade teacher at Heritage, was a guest speaker and shared information about the Navajos and Navajo artifacts.

HCES 3rd: Moon and Earth

Why do we always see the same side of the moon? What would you need to take on a trip to the moon? Students read articles and took notes about the movement and appearance of the moon and Earth to answer these questions and many more. They used their information to create a travel brochure for those willing to brave a trip to Earth's satellite. 3-2-1 Blast Off!

HCES, GMES, WAES 4th: Weather Forecasts

"Welcome to your fourth-grade weather news!" Students at Hillcrest, Gramercy, and Wasatch took notes on temperature, air pressure, wind, and precipitation. They used Utah weather statistics to predict a day's weather in a selected month. With their information, they wrote scripts and performed weather forecasts. Get out your snow shovels. The prediction for December...lots of snow!

BNES 2nd: Cultures and Countries

Second graders at Bonneville learned about using text features as they read informational text to learn about cultures and countries. Students recorded their findings in their research flip books. Students then used their research notes to create informational posters to share at their literacy nights. Students are excited to share their research books and posters with their families!

Library Spotlight: George Washington High School

Shanna Robins strives to make George Washington's library a comfortable place for students. She started a knitting club for boys and girls during the school's project based learning period, finding donors to contribute materials for the students. She also spends a day at Mill Creek Youth Center where she is developing a small collection of books. Principal Carrier says, "She's an awesome member of the GWHS team."

History Day

The History Day theme this year is Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History. A History Day project is a chance for your students to learn more about a topic that interests them through scholarly research. Last year’s projects were impressive and incredibly diverse. There are three divisions for History Day. The primary division is for 4th and 5th grades. The junior division is for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. The senior division is for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. Contest Categories include:

Historical Paper (Individual)
Exhibit (Individual/Group)
Performance (Individual/Group)
Documentary (Individual/Group)
Website (Individual/Group)

Schools will send their top three projects for each category to the district History Day on February 3, 2016. To learn more, contact a District Teacher Librarian at 801-737-7352.

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