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Week of December 10th, 2014

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31 December Job Search Ideas That Won't Make You Miserable!

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Thursday, December 11th

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What's Your Job Like?: Tax Professional, Deloitte

Heather Reiter is a Manager in Deloitte's Tax Management Consulting practice in Belgium. With this interview, she provides insight regarding the challenges she's faced, why she chose Deloitte, and her role within the company.

Link: http://www.vault.com/blog/workplace-issues/whats-your-job-like-tax-professional-deloitte/

How To Find A Job With LinkedIn

Etiquette Tip of the Week: Eating at Someone Else's Home

Whether the home is friend or family, here are some guidelines:
Be on time. If you arrive late, don't expect special preparation of leftovers for you.

Follow your host's lead. Wait till your host tells you where to sit. Wait for the host to put the napkin in his/her lap. Wait for the host to begin eating.

Be generous with your compliments and sparing with your portions. Don't ask for seconds -- wait until they are offered.

You don't have to eat anything you don't like. Say, "No thank you," or cut it up and move it around the plate. Try not to let people know you don't like their food. It's like telling them their baby is ugly.

Topics to avoid: it's okay to talk religion and politics, as long as you are respectful. Just don't grouse about your health problems, your diet (I can't eat that -- too many calories!) or boast about workouts. No one wants to hear about it when enjoying a feast.

Offer to help clean up or do dishes, but don't force your services on your hosts. Don't start shoving dishes in the dishwasher -- everyone has a particular way of packing their dishwasher.

Bring a hostess gift. It doesn't have to be expensive - a box of chocolates, mixed nuts, notecards, a music CD or something to go along with the hosts' interests or hobbies. (The aforementioned student-athlete was bringing sports tickets to his sports loving hosts. Score!)

Send a hand written fold-over note thanking your hosts for their hospitality, great food and conversation. And if you have an extra stamp, send a Holiday card to your favorite team or college athlete.